Med Plan

MED PLAN is a licensed Discount Plan Organization which is regulated by the Florida Department of Insurance. Med Plan was created to provide Medical Services to a growing segment of our population the "Uninsured". The latest U.S. Census figures show that approximately 46 million Americans are without any form of Medical Insurance, and in Florida the number of uninsured has reached 4.5 million and is growing. The sad reality is that most persons that are uninsured often go without any Medical care because they simply cannot afford to pay the high cost associated with seeing their Doctors. This often results in minor medical conditions becoming much worst leading to unexpected late night visits to the Emergency Room. Then comes the financial troubles directly related to the bill from the Emergency Room.

Med Plan is proud to offer an affordable solution that provides its Members access to hundreds of Healthcare providers and related services such as Physicians , Specialists , Dental, Vision, Pharmacy Benefits at negotiated discount prices. The discount for services from the MED PLAN network of providers is very different from other Discount Medical plans. Rather than giving our members a range of a percentage of discounts Med Plan has taken the time to establish "Fixed" pricing that are uniform for all services rendered by our network of providers. What this means to you the consumer is no more surprises! All services and there pricing are fully disclosed before you go to see any of Med Plans Doctor. Our Members can see any Doctor in our network for as little as $20.00 per office visit *. Our Pharmacy Network provides medications for as little as $9.99 for 100 pills or 3 ½ month supply. Our Dental Plan offers complete X-Rays and Cleaning with Fluoride treatments twice a year included at no cost. If you need your Vision checked it only cost $35.00 for the exam, and Glasses with frames cost as little as $35.00. You get to choose from over 2,500 designer frames. If you need an CAT scan or MRI it cost as little as $150.00. You can now protect your family's health for as little as $2.00 a day.

Call today for more information:305-MED-PLAN (305-633-7526).

* Price for follow up office visit at primary care physician office

  • One Price provides access to Medical, Dental, Vision and Pharmacy services
  • Everyone qualifies "All persons are accepted regardless of their age or health"
  • No Forms to fill to see a Specialist
  • You choose your own doctor from MED PLAN's list of Providers.
  • Choose the level of Services you need for you and your Family.
  • One Price provides access for the whole Family
  • Extensive List of Medical Specialist Providers.
  • Start saving on your medical services immediately.
  • Pricing guarantee that your Membership fee will not increase.